where to buy light roast coffee

where to buy light roast coffee

Where to Buy Light Roast Coffee

These days, many more coffee drinkers are discovering the exquisite flavor of light roast coffee. Its natural sweetness and light-bodied flavor is a revelation for anyone who has grown accustomed to darker roast coffees.

Where to Look?

Modern coffee lovers have a variety of places to purchase light roast coffee. Here are some of the top options:

  • Online Roasters – Specialty online roasters are a great source for light roast beans. Many of them offer the chance to browse, with helpful categorizations based on origin and roast.
  • Local Roasteries – Local roasteries often have an excellent selection of light roast coffees. It is well worth exploring the smaller, artisan roasteries to find light roast options.
  • Specialty Grocers – Specialty grocers are an ideal source for light roast coffees. Look for specialty coffee retailers that feature specialty products, like light roast beans.

What to Look For

When shopping for light roast coffee, it’s important to look for fresh and flavorful beans. There are a few hints to tell if a coffee is fresh:

  • Appearance – Fresh light roast coffee will feature a light tan color, and be evenly roasted throughout.
  • Aroma – gives a good indication of the flavor and quality. If a light roast coffee has a nutty and sweet smell, it is likely to be high-quality.
  • Tasting – If a sample of the coffee is available, take advantage and taste the coffee. A fresh light roast will have a pleasant taste and be balanced and smooth.

Light roast coffee is a tantalizingly delicious beverage. With so many sources for light roast coffees available today, it’s easy to enjoy this complex yet light-bodied flavor.





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