what is the best dark roast coffee in the world

what is the best dark roast coffee in the world

The Best Dark Roast Coffee in the World

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage and it’s no surprise that dark roast coffee is the king of them all. Dark roast coffee is rich, intense, and deeply flavored. It’s a favorite among coffee connoisseurs, and in this article, we’ll be exploring what makes the best dark roast coffee in the world.

Characteristics of Great Dark Roast Coffee

When it comes to great dark roast coffee, there are a few characteristics that make it stand out:

  • Good bean quality: Great dark roast coffee begins with a quality bean. The beans should be roasted evenly, have a consistent flavor, and be free from contamination or imperfections.
  • Properly Roasted: The roasting of dark roast coffee is a critical step. Dark roast coffee is roasted longer at higher temperatures, which adds the intense flavor, rich body, and deep aroma to the beans.
  • High Quality Equipment: The brewing equipment used to create the perfect cup of dark roast coffee matters. From grinders to machines, quality tools are necessary for crafting a delicious cup.

The Best Dark Roast Coffee in the World

So, which dark roast coffee reigns supreme? It depends on who you ask. But there are a few global brands that consistently get high marks for their dark roast coffee.

  • Starbucks Guatemala Antigua: This coffee offers notes of cocoa, brown sugar, and toasted nuts. It’s a great coffee for any time of the day.
  • Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso: This coffee delivers a balanced and rich cup of coffee with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.
  • Espresso Vivace Grandi Lotti: This coffee is known for its bold, rich flavor with a hint of sweetness.


Dark roast coffee can be an amazing experience. From the aroma to the creamy body, great dark roast coffee is a delight to taste. When it comes to finding the best dark roast coffee in the world, there’s no clear consensus. But the brands mentioned here are well regarded for their high-quality beans and flavor profiles. Enjoy!





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