how to create coffee table book

how to create coffee table book

How to Create a Coffee Table Book

Choose a Theme

The most important step in making a coffee table book is to decide on a theme. Are you showcasing your own photography? A compilation of art from others? Are you displaying a collection of memories or important moments? Choose something that means the most to you and will make the most impactful book.

Collect Material

Once you have decided on a theme, start collecting your own or others’ material for your coffee table book. If it is a book about your own photography, go through all the images you have taken and create a selection of the most impactful ones.

Edit Images

Go through each image and make sure that it is edited to the highest quality. This is a book that will be put on display and needs to look its best.


Choose a layout that best communicates the content of your book. This could be chronological, such as a book about your travels, or random, such as a book celebrating art.


Once your book is designed and edited, you are ready to print. Choose a quality printer who will create a lasting book.

Finishing Touches

Decide on the size, cover material and binding for your book.


Your coffee table book is complete. Now watch as your friends and family marvel at the beauty of your book!


  • Create a backup copy of your book, just in case.
  • Include captions for each photo or painting.
  • Check the quality of the material and the details of the layout.





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