how to buy a coffee table

how to buy a coffee table

How to Buy a Coffee Table

Shopping for a coffee table is an important decision when furnishing your living room. Not only do you want to select a piece that’s timeless and attractive, but you also want to make sure you get one that’s the right size and height for your space. Consider these factors before you make your purchase.


Many people underestimate how big a coffee table should be relative to the other furniture in the room. Your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the size of your sofa. Take exact measurements of your space before visiting the store. Then measure the tables you see to make sure they will fit well in the available space.


The height of a coffee table should be in line with the seating in the room. If you’re using a sectional sofa, the same rules for size apply. Be sure to take measurements of both the sofa and the table to make sure the two pieces don’t clash. If you have a shorter sofa and the table is too tall, it will look out of proportion.


Once you narrow down your choice by size and height, you can start to think about style. If you have a modern decor scheme, your table should reflect that style. But if your furniture is traditional, consider a table with ornate carvings or curved legs. Look for materials that fit your budget, such as wood, metal or glass.

Other Considerations

Here are a few other factors to take into consideration:

  • Functionality – Will you need storage for books, magazines or remotes? Look for a coffee table with drawers or a shelf.
  • Legs – It’s important to make sure the legs are firmly attached and the table is stable. Be sure to take a close look at the construction before making your purchase.
  • Finish – Consider how the finish of the table will match the other pieces in the room. It should be complementary, not in competition.

Finding the right coffee table is essential to completing the look of your living room. Making sure the size and height are right is key, but remember to think about other aspects such as the style and functionality to ensure you make the right decision.





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