how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise cost

how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise cost

How Much Does a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Cost?

Considering starting your own business by investing in a franchise? You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that when it comes to franchise costs, a Scooter’s Coffee franchise offers an affordable opportunity. With investment levels starting at just under $125,000, the cost of obtaining a Scooter’s Coffee franchise could be the right choice for you.

Initial Cost Breakdown

The upfront cost to obtain a Scooter’s Coffee franchise ranges from approximately $125,000 to $384,250. This includes the initial franchise fee of $30,000, as well as the cost of your local business license, real estate (if needed), equipment, and miscellaneous opening costs.

Other Ongoing Costs

In addition to your upfront costs, there are many other fees associated with owning and running a Scooter’s Coffee franchise. These fees include:

  • Royalties and Advertising Fees – 5% of gross sales, including 2.5% for national advertising and 2.5% for local marketing.
  • Online Ordering Fees – 3% of all sales placed through or mobile app orders.
  • Monthly Tech Fee – approximately $75 per month per store.
  • Disability Insurance – approximately $3 per employee per month.
  • Required Additional Training – $400 to $1,200 annually, depending on the number of employees.
  • Miscellaneous Fees – including local real estate taxes, licensing fees, insurance, and permits.

Potential Earnings

While these fees can seem overwhelming, potential earnings from a Scooter’s Coffee franchise can be quite lucrative. In 2019, Scooter’s reported average gross sales of approximately $606,000 per store, per year. This figure is up from 2018’s reported average of $570,000 per store, per year.


Owning a Scooter’s Coffee franchise may be the perfect way for you to realize your dream of becoming a business owner. With an affordable initial investment and great potential for earnings, a Scooter’s Coffee franchise could be the perfect opportunity.





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