does the nespresso make regular coffee

does the nespresso make regular coffee

Does Nespresso Make Regular Coffee?

Nespresso machines are becoming increasingly popular for making specialty coffee drinks in the home, but does Nespresso make regular coffee too? The answer is both yes and no – let’s take a closer look to better understand.

How Does Nespresso Make ‘Regular’ Coffee?

Nespresso machines are unique in that they make espresso-style drinks using specialized capsules. The capsules are pre-packaged with ground coffee beans, and when loaded into the machine and hot water is pushed through them. This action is what makes Nespresso’s specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos (among other espresso-based drinks).

In general, Nespresso machines are not designed to make typical filtered coffee. But, there are a few models available that allow you to get a more traditional-style cup of coffee that resembles what you might get from an automatic drip machine. These versions of Nespresso machines come equipped with an additional carafe that works as a filter. You can use this carafe to manually brew a cup of ‘regular’ coffee.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Making Regular Coffee From A Nespresso Machine?

There are both pros and cons to using a Nespresso machine for making regular coffee. Let’s look at a few of the each:


  • Time-saving: One advantage to using a Nespresso machine is that it cuts down on the time it takes to make coffee. This can be very convenient if you’re looking for a quick, but high-quality cup of coffee.
  • High-quality beans: Nespresso machines use pre-packaged capsules that contain high-quality coffee beans. This means you don’t have to spend time shopping for quality beans and grinding them yourself.
  • Freshness: The capsules provide an extra level of freshness, as it’s pre-packaged coffee that hasn’t been exposed to air.


  • Expense: The capsules are more expensive than buying pre-ground coffee beans and refilling your own filter.
  • Limitations: The capsule options are limited and you have less control over the strength of your coffee.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the carafe of a Nespresso machine can be more of a hassle than with other types of coffee makers.


Nespresso machines are a great way to make specialty coffee drinks in the home. However, not all models make traditional-style coffee. There are certain models available that come with a carafe that allows you to manually brew a cup of ‘regular’ coffee. But there are also some drawbacks to using a Nespresso machine for making regular coffee too – it may not be the most cost-effective or convenient option.





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