how can i get a free coffee

how can i get a free coffee

How to Get a Free Coffee

Recieving free coffee can be a highlight of any busy day. Here are some tips to help you get your caffeine fix without having to use up your money.

Ask a Friend

It doesn’t hurt to ask. If you know someone who already has their coffee and also has an extra cup, see if you can join in! You never know when someone may be willing to be generous and share with you.

Online Offers

Many restaurants and cafes offer sign up bonuses and special offers for users that make an account with them. If you take the time to register and sign up with these websites, you may be able to get a special deal on a free coffee.

Shop Local

Many coffee shops, restaurants and cafes often offer promotion events and specials that change on a weekly basis. Check around town to see what deals are available and you may find your cup of joe for free!

Loyalty Programs

If you want to make free coffee a recurring occurrence, check to see if there are loyalty programs where you can get points for each coffee you buy and redeem free coffee with those points. You can also inquire with coffee shops if they have any punch cards or loyalty programs available.

Student Discounts

Many college students get the luxury of discounted coffee prices. Check with your student union or at the counter to see what price you may be able to get for a cup of coffee.

In Conclusion

Getting a free cup of coffee doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you know where to look! Try out one of the methods above and you may find yourself with an extra free coffee!





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