who owns oakland coffee

who owns oakland coffee

Oakland Coffee – Who Owns It?

Oakland Coffee, a small coffee shop chain in the West Coast of the United States, has been a staple of the area since its establishment in 1978. While its locations are far fewer than that of the larger coffee chains, it has managed to carve out its own unique identity with its quality coffee and friendly staff. But who owns Oakland Coffee?

Oakland Coffee is Owned by Aspen Ventures

Oakland Coffee is owned by Aspen Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in small to medium-sized businesses. Aspen Ventures looks for businesses that have potential to grow and expand, and Oakland Coffee met its criteria.

Benefits from Aspen Ventures

Aspen Ventures has brought numerous benefits to Oakland Coffee since it began investing in the business. They have been able to help the company expand to over fifteen locations in the region, as well as take advantage of innovative marketing strategies. They have also helped Oakland Coffee to modernize its product range, introducing new coffee blends as well as specialty tea drinks.

Oakland Coffee’s Quality Remains

Despite the new owners, Oakland Coffee has managed to retain its core values of providing high-quality coffee and excellent service at all its locations. The company was founded on this principle, and Aspen Ventures has supported those values in its continued investment in the chain. It provides Oakland Coffee with the resources to take forward its mission to provide signature coffee experiences.


Oakland Coffee is owned by an experienced investor, Aspen Ventures. Through its expertise and resources, Aspen Ventures has helped Oakland Coffee grow and expand its network of stores, as well as modernizing its product range. Despite this, the chain has been able to keep its core values of quality and service alive and strong, providing customers with its signature coffee experiences.





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