where to buy flavia coffee packets

where to buy flavia coffee packets

Where to Buy Flavia Coffee Packets

For those who love a great cup of coffee but don’t want to buy a whole pot or carton of ground beans, Flavia coffee packets provide a convenient and delicious alternative. Whether you want just a single cup of coffee or want to stock up on several packets, there are many places to buy these coffee sachets.


  • Amazon – Amazon offers a variety of Flavia coffee packets, with options like decaffeinated and flavored coffees. Prices vary with different sellers, but find Coffee Variety Sampler Pack with Flavored and Decaf includes: French Vanilla, Hazelnut Remix, English Toffee, Colombian and Decaf.
  • Walmart – Walmart also carries Flavia coffee packets and they often have a few exclusive flavors available. Plus, the prices tend to be lower than other shops.
  • EBay – Ebay carries a variety of Flavia coffee packets for purchase individually or in larger quantity packs. Again, the price may vary from seller to seller.


  • Office Depot – Office Depot carries an assortment of Flavia coffee packets including single cups and ready-to-drink coffee. Prices vary depending on the quantity and flavor.
  • Staples – Staples carries a wide selection of Flavia coffee packets to suit any coffee lovers needs. Prices depend on the quantity and flavor.
  • Target – Target carries a few different coffee brands, but Flavia is one of the most popular. Prices depend on flavor, quantity and type (ready to drink or instant packets).

Whether you enjoy indulging in a single cup of coffee or drinking coffee all day long, finding the perfect Flavia coffee packet is easy. Thanks to online stores and retail retailers, finding the perfect blend and quantity of coffee has never been more convenient. Enjoy!





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