what is the best light roast coffee

what is the best light roast coffee

What is the Best Light Roast Coffee?

Light roast coffee has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but what is the best light roast coffee for your taste buds?

Light roast coffees have a milder taste profile with more acidity present. They are lower in caffeine, body, and sweetness than its darker counterpart, but contain a unique set of flavours and aromas that many appreciate.


The flavors of light roast coffee are unique, complex, and full of character. Light roast coffees bring out the natural flavors of the bean, such as citrus, floral, berry, and fruit. The acidity is more noticeable with lighter roasts, providing a tart, pleasant finish.


When brewing a light roast coffee, you will likely notice notes of sweet fruit, crisp apple, and cocoa. The aroma is light, yet packed with intense aromas that can bring out the nuances of the beans.

The Best Light Roast Coffees

Ultimately, the best light roast coffees depend on your own personal taste. Here are some of the best light roast coffees on the market:

  • Ethiopian Sidamo – A light, fruity, and bold coffee with notes of citrus and berry.
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu – Smooth and flavorful with hints of lemon and honey.
  • Nicaraguan Segovia – Bright and nutty with unmistakable notes of chocolate and citrus fruit.
  • Colombian Tolima – Balanced, sweet, and light with notes of almond, chocolate, and hazelnut.

When it comes to finding the best light roast coffee, it all comes down to personal taste. Find a coffee you enjoy and experiment with different roast levels to find your favorite.





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