how to package coffee for resale

how to package coffee for resale

Packaging Coffee for Resale

When it comes to resale, packaging coffee in an attractive and functional way can go a long way in helping a business succeed. Consumers need to know the product is fresh and of good quality, and appropriate packaging can help ensure that. Read on for some tips on how to package coffee for resale.

Select the Right Container

The type of container you select for packaging your coffee is important. Choose a container that will keep the coffee fresh and offer adequate protection.

Opt for airtight, light-resistant containers with resealable lids. These should be strong enough to protect against damage during storage and transportation.

Label and Brand the Coffee

Once you’ve selected the right container, it’s time to label and brand the coffee. This can include putting the following on the container:

  • Name, type and origin of the coffee
  • Expiration date
  • Instructions on how to prepare the coffee
  • Nutritional facts
  • Your company logo

Any additional information, such as a unique slogan or striking visual design, may also be incorporated.

Seal the Package

Finally, it’s important to make sure the package is properly sealed. This will help keep the coffee fresh until it’s opened.

A tamper-evident seal should be used to show that the container has not been tampered with prior to delivery. This could be done by using a seal that is broken upon opening or tape with a “void” message printed on it.

By following these tips and using the right container, labeling and sealing the coffee, you can ensure that the product you are selling is fresh, safe and of good quality.





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