how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

How much does a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Make?

Scooter’s Coffee is an American cafe chain focused on providing quality coffee and other hot and cold drinks. The brand boasts over 500 locations, making it a popular option for many coffee lovers. But how much does a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise typically make?

Benefits of Owning a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise

There are many benefits of owning a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise. From high brand recognition to a simpler business model, here are a few advantages to consider when looking into a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise:

  • High Brand Recognition: Scooter’s Coffee has a strong presence in over 22 states, which translates to a built-in customer base for franchisees. For those seeking to launch a quality cafe, the brand has already made its mark.
  • Simple Business Model: Scooter’s Coffee is focused on providing quality coffee drinks, focusing more on the customer experience than complex menus. This makes it simpler for entrepreneurs to take on a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere: Scooter’s Coffee focuses on creating an inclusive atmosphere, providing everyone with the same level of service – no matter the status or background. Franchisees have the opportunity to bring a positive change to their communities.

How Much Do Scooter’s Coffee Franchisees Make?

The amount a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise makes depends on many factors. Unlike some larger franchise investments, the cost of a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise is relatively low. These fees are due when submitting the application, and range from $20,000 – $30,000, which covers the franchisee’s initial costs.

In addition to this fee, the franchisee is responsible for their own rent and additional operating costs, including labor and equipment. Investing in a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise requires a considerable amount of capital and dedication, but provides the opportunity for a stable income.

Generally,Scooter’s Coffee franchises break even within 1-3 years of opening, and make a noticeable profit after that. Many franchisees predictably make a sizeable profit in the long run and with careful management, franchisees can make more.


A Scooter’s Coffee franchise provides the opportunity to make an income based on serving quality coffee while creating an inclusive atmosphere. While the cost to establish a franchise is relatively low, franchisees must be prepared to make a considerable upfront investment.

While it is difficult to be certain, franchisees typically break even within 1-3 years and, eventually, make a sizable profit. For entrepreneurs looking to invest in a quality café franchise, Scooter’s Coffee may be the ideal opportunity.





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