where is nescafe coffee made

where is nescafe coffee made

Where is NESCAFÉ Coffee Made?

NESCAFÉ is one of the world’s most iconic brands, famous around the globe for its high-quality coffees and unbeatable taste. As one of the largest coffee makers in the world, it’s only natural to wonder where NESCAFÉ’s coffee is made.

NESCAFÉ Production

NESCAFÉ operates more than 50 production sites in over 30 countries. Here are some of the main locations for NESCAFÉ production:

  • Switzerland – NESCAFÉ’s first production site is still its largest, based in Lausanne.
  • Spain – NESCAFÉ has multiple production sites around Spain, across cities such as Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.
  • ‍Philippines– One of the 10 largest NESCAFÉ sites is based in the Philippines.
  • Japan – NESCAFÉ also has a significant presence in Japan, with multiple factories churning out coffees and solutions for the country’s thriving consumer market.
  • Mexico –Mexico is also home to several NESCAFÉ sites, located in both North and Central regions of the country.
  • India– India is the biggest consumer market for NESCAFÉ coffees and solutions, and its production site in Goa has been churning out coffee since 2001.
  • China – NESCAFÉ has two sites in China and produces many of the company’s specialty coffees for the local market.

The NESCAFÉ Difference

The production sites around the world are dedicated to delivering only the best quality coffees and solutions to consumers. NESCAFÉ strictly adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety, so you can enjoy smooth and delicious coffee every time.

From its first production site in Switzerland, to its various production sites around the world, NESCAFÉ is committed to providing you with a great coffee experience, wherever you may be.





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