where is grounds and hounds coffee company located

where is grounds and hounds coffee company located

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roastery that is dedicated to making great coffee, while also promoting and supporting animal welfare. Founded in 2014, the company is located in the heart of Austin, Texas.

A Dedication to Quality

Grounds & Hounds is committed to providing quality, ethically-sourced coffees from sustainable farming practices. The company carefully selects each of their sourced coffees and works only with direct-trade partners to ensure that their customers get the best possible flavor and experience.

Premium Roasting

The Grounds & Hounds team specializes in small batch roasting, ensuring that each batch is roasted to the highest standards. From light and fruity, to bold and bright, Grounds & Hounds have a wide selection of blends and single origin coffees to choose from.

How it Gives Back

For every bag of coffee sold, Grounds & Hounds donates 20% of the proceeds to their non-profit partners. These partners are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing homeless animals. Grounds & Hounds is giving the gift of hope to animals in need, one cup at a time.

Where to Find Grounds & Hounds

Grounds & Hounds is available for purchase both online and in select stores throughout Austin. Additionally, the company offers subscription plans for both coffee and tea for customers that want to ensure they always have access to the best quality coffee.

Final Thoughts

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company is the perfect choice for any coffee lover who is looking for an amazing cup of coffee and wants to make an impact in the lives of animals in need. With premium roasts, quality sourcing, and a mission to support animal welfare, Grounds & Hounds has something for everyone.





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