is seattle’s best coffee fair trade

is seattle’s best coffee fair trade

Is Seattle’s Best Coffee Fair Trade?

Seattle’s Best Coffee is an international specialty coffee roaster and retailer. They strive to provide the freshest and most delicious coffee around. But, more and more consumers want to make sure the coffee they are drinking is not only delicious, but ethically produced. So you might be asking: is Seattle’s Best Coffee fair trade?

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade describes products that are created under ethical standards. This process means that farmers and producers receive a fair price for the product and also receive social, economic and environmental benefits. In order to be certified as Fair Trade, a product must have met certain criteria and been certified by an organization such as Fairtrade International.

Does Seattle’s Best Coffee Support Fair Trade?

Seattle’s Best Coffee proudly supports Fair Trade and they are certified by Fairtrade International. As part of their commitment to Fair Trade, they have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Fairtrade Certification: All of Seattle’s Best Coffee is certified by Fairtrade International.
  • Farmer Support Programs: Seattle’s Best Coffee has implemented a variety of programs to support the farmers in their network, such as providing training, access to resources, and support for sustainability.
  • Quality Assurance: All of Seattle’s Best Coffee is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality standards.


Seattle’s Best Coffee is dedicated to providing ethically produced coffee and has implemented a variety of initiatives to ensure their coffee is Fair Trade certified. With Seattle’s Best Coffee you can be sure you are drinking delicious coffee that is supporting farmers and producers around the world.





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