where is maud’s coffee made

where is maud’s coffee made

Where is Maud’s Coffee Made?

Maud’s coffee is a specialty, small-batch coffee roasting company located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Founded in 2019, the company prides itself on sourcing coffee from all over the world, while ensuring a high quality product every time.

A Worldwide Venture

Maud’s coffee is crafted using responsibly sourced, high-quality beans and Arabica coffee from around the world. Whether it’s Bolivia’s Barinas Valley or Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe, each cup of Maud’s is made with beans carefully selected from premier growing regions.

The Roasting Process

At Maud’s, the roasting process is taken very seriously. All coffee is carefully inspected every step of the way, from the raw material to the finished product. Every batch is slow roasted daily to ensure peak freshness, with intuitive controls and meticulously monitored temperatures.

Finishing Touches

The staff at Maud’s take great care in ensuring that each batch is brewed to perfection. Every cup of coffee is packaged within an hour after it has been made, to guarantee the best possible quality.

From Seed to Cup

At Maud’s, we are committed to sourcing and providing the highest-quality coffee possible. We firmly believe in the power of the entire “seed to cup” process and strive to make sure that each product is made with pride and precision.

Maud’s Coffee is proudly made in Richmond Hill, Ontario.





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