what to do with coffee ice cubes

what to do with coffee ice cubes

What to do with Coffee Ice Cubes

Coffee Ice cubes add a delicious flavor to many cool drinks and they are actually super easy to make. Whether you are trying to make a truly unique iced coffee or simply spruce up a drink or two, here are some ideas on how to use them.

Adding to Hot Drinks

  • Espresso – Instead of cream or milk try adding a few coffee ice cubes – amazing!
  • Hot Chocolate – Having hot chocolate with a few coffee ice cubes in the mix will add an interesting flavor and cut down on having to add any further sweetener
  • Latte – Instead of having your latte with traditional iced cubes, make a few cooled latte cubes and add them to your hot or cold latte for a unique flavor.

Using for Desserts

  • Coffee Brownies – Add a few coffee ice cubes to your brownie mix for an interesting flavor contrast.
  • Coffee Ice-Cream – Instead of plain ice-cream, add a few coffee ice cubesand some cream to make a delicious frozen treat.
  • Frozen Coffee Treats – Make your own flavored frozen treats using coffee ice cubes and whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Using in Drinks

  • Coffee Ice Tea – Mix coffee ice cubes with your favorite tea and make an amazing, refreshing drink.
  • Frappuccino – Instead of regular ice cubes, try coffee ice cubes in your standard Frappuccino and make a more interesting drink.
  • Coffee Milkshake – Instead of having it with regular ice cubes, mix your favorite milkshake with coffee ice cubes for a unique flavor.
  • Smoothies – Make a delicious and unique smoothie with coffee ice cubes and your favorite ingredients.

With such a wide range of possible uses, coffee ice cubes are a great addition to any kitchen. Whipping up a batch and having them around will ensure that you always have a delicious, unique flavor ready to add to any drink.





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