where to buy starbucks maple pecan coffee

Where to buy Starbucks Maple Pecan Coffee

Starbucks lovers rejoice! The limited-edition Starbucks Maple Pecan coffee is finally here to get you through the autumn season. Mentioned below are some of the places where you can buy this exquisite beverage:


The obvious choice is to buy the Maple Pecan coffee from your nearest Starbucks location. The coffee is available for purchase for a very short period of time, so be sure to grab your cup before supplies run out!

Online orders

If there’s no Starbucks nearby, you can always buy the Maple Pecan coffee online. You can purchase the coffee beans directly from the Starbucks website or place your order via Amazon Prime.

Grocery stores

If you prefer instant coffee instead of brewing coffee at home, you can buy the Maple Pecan flavor in your local grocery store. Be sure to stay on the lookout for this exclusive flavor during the autumn season.

Your favorite local coffee shop

You can also ask your favorite local coffee shop if they carry the Maple Pecan coffee. Most coffee shops are known to carry the seasonal flavors and you may be lucky enough to snag a cup.


Starbucks’ Maple Pecan coffee is the perfect way to get in the autumn spirit. You can find this delicious flavor at various locations, including Starbucks, online stores, grocery stores, and even your favorite local coffee shops. So don’t miss out and get your cup of Maple Pecan coffee today!





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