where is maud’s coffee made

where is maud’s coffee made

Maud’s Coffee is a Worldwide Favorite

Maud’s Coffee is a timeless favorite of coffee lovers all across the globe. Whatever their style of coffee, from a French press, to an espresso, even a cold brew, many people attest to Maud’s superior taste. But where is Maud’s Coffee made? Read on to discover the origin of this beloved creation.

Source of the World’s Best Coffee Beans

Maud’s Coffee prides itself on its dedication to quality, so it’s unsurprising that it sources all its coffee beans from the most esteemed locations. Those locations include:

  • Ethiopia: Known as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is renowned for its unique flavor, fruity taste and delicate aroma.
  • Costa Rica: Famous for its Arabica beans, Costa Rican coffees possess a smooth, delicate taste and a delightfully creamy texture.
  • Indonesia: High-quality beans from high-altitude locations, Indonesian coffee boasts a full-bodied flavor, plus notes of chocolate, spice and nutmeg.

Maud’s Coffee: Hand-crafted Excellence

Once Maud’s has carefully selected the finest coffee beans available, they roast them to perfection in small batches. This ensures an incredibly rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time and is a closely-guarded secret that gives Maud’s a unique and much sought-after edge.

Tastes of the World in a Cup

Whether it is a cup of Rich Dark Roast, or the Latin-inspired French Roast, when you enjoy a cup of Maud’s Coffee, you are enjoying tastes of around the world. With every cup, you savor the finest, freshest beans from across the globe, perfectly enhanced by the skill of Maud’s roasters.

So, when asked, ‘where is Maud’s Coffee made?’ it’s hard to place it down to one specific location. Rather, it’s made from the world’s best beans, from the world’s most renowned locations, with a hint of Maud’s dedication to quality and excellence thrown in for good measure.





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