what coffee is for me

what coffee is for me

The pleasures of coffee

For me, drinking coffee is much more than just a brew; it is a way to explore and savour so many flavours and experiences. A cup of coffee is the perfect companion for morning inspiration, well-deserved treats, and lasting conversations with family and friends.

A ritual to appreciate

A cup of coffee is a ritual. Taking the time to enjoy a cup can be an activity to look forward to in the morning, no matter how rushed the day may be. It allows me to pause, savour the moment, and think clearly.

The aromas

Coffee tastes differently depending on its origin, roast, blend and brewing method. I love to explore these flavours; whether it be a light coffee with sweet, floral notes or a dark coffee with intense and smoky tones. I also appreciate the gentle floral and earthy aromas as the coffee brews.

The joy of variety

When it comes to making coffee, there are plenty of ways to get that great cup. Common brewing methods include:

  • Filter coffee, using pour-over techniques such as the French Press or V60
  • Espresso, the concentrated form of coffee extracted by the use of an espresso machine
  • Cold brew, steeping ground coffee into room-temperature or cold water, creating a smooth, mellow and nutty flavour

I find joy in exploring different brewing methods, as each brings something different and special to my cup.

A morning pick-me-up

I don’t think I could function without my morning cup of coffee. If I’m having a tired day, the strong brew often gives me a pick-me-up, allowing me to focus and accomplish tasks. Even if I’m having a great day, I always appreciate my cup of coffee!

The delight of sharing

Coffee is also a great way to connect with family and friends. Whether at home, in a cafe, or over video calls, a steaming cup of joe can bring people together. Sharing stories and conversations over a cup of coffee is my way of unwinding and catching up with the people I care about.

Coffee is so much more than a drink. For me, it is a way to explore, appreciate and connect, and I’m looking forward to all the great cups I will have!





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