how to import coffee beans to usa

how to import coffee beans to usa

How to Import Coffee Beans to USA

Importing coffee beans to the United States is a relatively simple process that involves understanding the import regulations, finding a reliable source, and preparing necessary documentation. This guide is meant to help those who wish to import coffee beans to the US in an efficient and compliant manner.

1. Understand Import Regulations

Each country has its own import regulations and it is important to be aware of applicable requirements before attempting to purchase coffee beans. In the United States, coffee beans are imported under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. It is important to understand the applicable duties, fees, and other requirements before attempting to import coffee beans.

2. Find a Reliable Source

Coffee beans can be imported from a variety of different sources around the world. It is important to find a reliable source with quality beans. Reach out to suppliers in the country of origin to get the best price and quality. Research reviews and feedback from others who have purchased coffee beans from this source to ensure a consistent product.

3. Prepare Necessary Documentation

Once a source has been selected and the product is ready to be imported, it is important to prepare the necessary documents. This includes the following:

  • Commercial Invoice: The commercial invoice is a bill of sale that must be provided to US Customs and Border Protection. It must include detailed information about the product and its values.
  • Shipping Manifest: The shipping manifest is an official document that outlines the contents of the shipment including the quantity and types of products.
  • Certificate of Origin: The certificate of origin is provided by the supplier and must identify the foreign origin of the product.
  • Tariff Classification Number: This is the classification number assigned to the product and determines the applicable duties and taxes.

4. Clear US Customs

Once the documents have been gathered, they must be presented to US Customs and Border Protection. The customs officer will assess the information and any applicable taxes and duties. If all requirements are met, the shipment will be allowed in and it will be delivered to its destination.


Importing coffee beans to the United States is a relatively straightforward but meticulous process. Be sure to become familiar with the requirements and to find a reliable source to ensure a smooth import process. With the right preparation, importing coffee beans should be a hassle-free experience.





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