don joses coffee

don joses coffee

The Story Of Don Jose’s Coffee

Don Jose’s Coffee is an artisanal coffee company founded in 1980 in Medellin, Colombia by Jose’s family. The company is now led by his son, Jose Edgardo, who has made it his mission to always make sure his customers receive the freshest and best quality coffees of Colombia.

Don Jose’s Coffee is passionate about being an international bridge in the coffee industry, introducing Colombian traditional flavors to the world. They create one-of-a-kind blends and custom roasts that transport the exquisite aromas, exquisite body and exotic notes typical of Colombian Coffee.

Don Jose’s Quality Assurance:

Don Jose’s cares deeply about the quality of the final product, that is why they have a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure they get the highest grade of coffee beans.

  • Selection: Don Jose’s selects only specialty grade coffee beans of the highest quality.
  • Roasting: Their coffees are carefully roasted to perfection.
  • Freshness: Don Jose’s carefully packages and ships the product to ensure it arrives to you as fresh as possible.
  • Tasting: Every batch of beans is sampled and cupped for quality.

Don Jose’s Coffee is passionate about educating its partners and customers. They make sure their customers understand the quality of what they offer and how coffee should be enjoyed and appreciate real coffee moment.

If you are looking for coffee with a perfect balance of body and flavor as well as exquisite floral and tasteful notes, Don Jose’s Coffee offers the perfect coffee treat!





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