is coffee considered a clear liquid before colonoscopy

is coffee considered a clear liquid before colonoscopy

Coffee and Colonoscopies: Is Coffee Considered a Clear Liquid?

Coffee is a popular and beloved beverage for many people. But for those undergoing a colonoscopy procedure, it is important to know if coffee is considered a clear liquid or not.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure used to identify any irregularities inside one’s colon. It is also used to diagnose polyps, growths, inflammation and even certain cancers. In order to perform the colonoscopy, the doctor must be able to see inside the patient’s digestive system by having the patient take in a liquid which will make the colon transparent.

Clear Liquids

In order for the procedure to take place, a patient must consume clear liquids the day before their appointment to avoid any blockages that would be caused by solid foods. Clear liquids include water, broth, apple juice, Gatorade, and clear sodas like 7-UP.

Coffee: Solid or Liquid?

Coffee is a popular beverage for many individuals. While it is normally viewed as a solid drink due to its dark color, it is actually considered to be a liquid. Coffee isn’t typically classified as a clear liquid before a colonoscopy; however, its effects on the procedure can vary depending on the type of coffee consumed.

Types of Coffee

  • Black Coffee: Black coffee is generally not recommended for colonoscopy preparation due to the high acid content. This acid can irritate the lining of the stomach and cause discomfort or nausea during the procedure.
  • Decaf Coffee: Decaf coffee is likely to be safe for use before a colonoscopy as it should not contain any irritating acids. Decaf coffee also counts as a clear liquid, so it won’t cause blockages during the procedure.
  • Other Flavored Coffees: Flavored coffee beverages such as cappuccinos, frappuccinos and lattes may contain added milk, cream or other ingredients that won’t count as a clear liquid. It’s best to check with your doctor prior to consuming any of these drinks.


When it comes to whether coffee is considered a clear liquid prior to a colonoscopy, the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Generally speaking, coffee is not a clear liquid and should be avoided prior to the procedure. However, plain decaf coffee can be safely consumed in moderation. Speak to your doctor for more information about consuming any coffee beverages before your colonoscopy.





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