where do coffee shops get their supplies

where do coffee shops get their supplies

Where do Coffee Shops Get Their Supplies?

Coffee shops need a variety of supplies to meet the needs of their customers. Business owners must find reliable sources from which to purchase the items required to make their shop successful. Here’s a look at the common types of supplies coffee shops typically obtain and where they can go to access them.


Naturally, coffee is the most important supply a coffee shop needs. Depending on the type of shop, there are several options of where to get it. A popular choice is buying coffee beans from a local roaster who carefully curates the best beans from small suppliers all around the world. Alternatively, some cafés prefer to purchase bulk coffee beans from larger commercial companies.


Equipment is essential to the success of any café. Small businesses might opt to purchase pre-owned or refurbished items to save money. Coffee shops can also buy new equipment from companies that specialize in outfitting cafés, such as:

  • Commercial Blenders: These are used to make frappés, smoothies, and other icy drinks.
  • Espresso Machines: These are used to brew traditional espresso-based drinks.
  • Filtration Systems: These are used to ensure a restaurant has access to a clean water source for drinks and food.
  • Coffee Grinders: These are used to grind coffee beans and give customers the freshest cup of coffee possible.

Food Supplies

Coffee shops often offer more than just coffee, such as light food items such as pastries, bagels, and even sandwiches. In this case, coffee shops need to obtain supplies such as:

  • Fresh Baked Goods: Many coffee shops contract with local bakeries to access fresh-baked items.
  • Non-perishables: These are items such as jams, syrups, and other condiments necessary for coffee drinks and light lunch items.
  • Paper Goods: Coffee shops require plates, napkins, and other items for customers to use.


Coffee shops need access to a variety of supplies in order to be successful. The type and quality of these supplies will depend on the needs of the business. However, finding the right sources isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Coffee shops can purchase items directly from local roasters, outfitting companies, bakeries, and other suppliers to access the supplies they need.





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