is panera coffee free refills

is panera coffee free refills

Are Refills Free at Panera?

Are you a frequent customer of Panera looking to know if you can get free refills of your coffee? Whether you are a regular or a first time customer, this article will provide all the information you need to know about refills at Panera!

What is the Policy for Refills at Panera?

Panera generally offers free refills of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, regardless of your drink size or the original purchase price. If a beverage does not entitle you to free refills, information about the refill policy will be included in the order.

What Drinks are Eligible for Refills?

The following drinks are eligible for free refills:

  • Coffees: Flavored coffee, espresso, refrigerated coffee drinks, etc.
  • Teas: Sweet tea, iced tea, etc.
  • Hot Chocolate: Made with whole milk or soy milk

What Drinks Are Not Eligible for Refills?

Refills are not available for the following drinks:

  • Cold Brew Coffee: Nitro cold brew coffee and cold brew coffees with flavoring
  • Specialty Drinks: Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc.
  • Smoothies and Other Beverages: Lemonade, sparkling water, iced coffee, etc.


In conclusion, Panera typically offers free refills of their coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. However, some specialty drinks and other beverages are not eligible for refills. If you are ever in doubt, make sure to ask your server or the cashier before ordering.





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