where is fabula coffee located

where is fabula coffee located

Finding Fabula Coffee

Do you love coffee? Are you looking for Fabula Coffee? You’re in the right place!

Fabula Coffee Locations

Fabula Coffee has several locations around the world for you to enjoy their wonderful coffee and great atmosphere. Here are a few of their locations:

  • New York, NY: Fabula Coffee operates several fantastically decorated cafes in the area. You can find locations everywhere from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn.
  • Chicago, IL: Fabula Coffee has several locations around the city of Chicago, so no matter where you are in the area, you won’t be far away from their amazing coffee selection.
  • Los Angeles, CA: Fabula Coffee has become wildly popular in Los Angeles, setting up shop in popular areas of the city such as Hollywood, Burbank, and even Santa Monica!
  • London, England: Fabula has its international locations in the heart of London. You can find shops near the Thames River and in popular neighborhoods like Mayfair.
  • New Delhi, India: Fabula Coffee makes its way to the Far East with several locations throughout New Delhi. You can try one of their unique flavored coffees made with Indian spices.

No matter where you are in the world, you’re never too far from a Fabula Coffee location. Stop by for a cup of delicious coffee and see for yourself why Fabula is the best place to get your caffeine fix!





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