how to make dunkin iced coffee with keurig

how to make dunkin iced coffee with keurig

How to Make Dunkin Iced Coffee with Keurig

If you love Dunkin Iced Coffee and you have a Keurig, now you can make it in the comfort of your own home. Making an iced coffee with a Keurig just takes a few minutes, and you can enjoy the perfect Dunkin Iced Coffee every morning.


  • Strong Dunkin Iced Coffee K-Cup
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • Ice cubes


  1. Set the Keurig – The first step is to set up the Keurig and make sure it’s placed on a level surface. Once done, fill the water reservoir with 2 cups of cold water.
  2. Use the K-Cup – Take the Dunkin Iced Coffee K-Cup and place it in the Keurig machine. Close the lid and make sure the K-Cup is inserted tightly.
  3. Brew the Coffee – You will have to press the iced coffee button on the Keurig machine to begin the process. Once done, the machine will start to brew and you will hear the bubbling sound.
  4. Top it with Ice Cubes – Once the iced coffee is brewed, pour it into a glass and top it with a few ice cubes.
  5. Add your favorite condiments – Add your favorite sweetener, cream, or milk, and stir the coffee until it is mixed properly.
  6. Enjoy your Dunkin Iced Coffee – Lastly, grab a straw and sip your hot Dunkin Iced Coffee, and enjoy your favorite beverage at home!


Making Dunkin Iced Coffee with a Keurig machine is easy, and you don’t have to go outside to enjoy your favorite iced coffee. Just make sure to use a strong K-Cup, and your iced coffee will be ready in minutes. So, grab your Keurig and make a delicious Dunkin Iced Coffee at home!

Happy Brewing!





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