how is jot coffee made

how is jot coffee made

How Jot Coffee is Made

Jot Coffee is a craft specialty coffee company that is dedicated to producing amazing, high-quality coffee. But how do they do it? Here’s a look at Jot’s unique approach to coffee making.

Sourcing the highest quality beans

At Jot Coffee, sourcing beans is key to making sure their coffee is the best it can be. All of their beans are ethically sourced, and come from dedicated farmers who are passionate about their craft. Each batch is carefully inspected for quality, and only the best beans make the cut.

Roasting to perfection

Once the beans are sourced, they are roasted to bring out their unique flavors and aromas. All of Jot Coffee’s roasts are done carefully and slowly, in small batches, in order to ensure optimal flavor. This roasting process is closely monitored, and results in a perfectly balanced coffee with a wonderful aroma.

Packaging for freshness

Jot Coffee knows that freshness is key when it comes to flavor, so they package their coffee in air-tight, resealable bags to ensure maximum freshness with each cup. The bags are also designed to protect the beans from moisture, light, and oxygen, which can damage the flavor of the beans.

Making amazing coffee

Once the coffee is packaged, it’s ready to be brewed. Jot Coffee takes a unique approach to making their coffee, using techniques such as slow brewing and cold brewing to bring out the full flavor of the beans. The result is high-quality coffee with complex and unique flavors.

At Jot Coffee, making amazing coffee is a labor of love. From carefully sourcing the best beans, to slow, careful roasting and packaging, Jot Coffee goes the extra mile to make sure their coffee is the best it can be.





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