what is the best coffee roast

what is the best coffee roast

What is the Best Coffee Roast?

Coffee roasts determine the flavor and aroma of coffee beans. Depending on the level of roast, coffee beans can develop different characteristics and strengths. Finding the best roast for you can depend on your personal preference.

Types of Roasts

When coffee beans are roasted, they transform from a green color to brown. As the beans are roasted longer and become darker, they reach different levels of roasting intensity. From lightest to darkest, the roast levels are:

  • Light Roast – also known as Cinnamon Roast, this roast has a light brown color and doesn’t have an oily surface.
  • Medium Roast – also known as American Roast, this roast is darker in color, slightly fuller in body and has an oily surface.
  • City Roast – also known as Full City Roast, this roast is much darker than the medium roast and is characterized by a richer flavor.
  • Dark Roast – also known as Vienna Roast, this roast is very dark in color and has an intense, smoky flavor.
  • Espresso Roast – also known as Italian Roast, this roast is characteristically dark, with a glossy sheen and smoky flavor.

Finding the Best Roast

The best coffee roast is the one that suits your tastes and preferences. Generally speaking, lighter roasts are more acidic with a milder flavor, while darker roasts are more bitter with a richer and bold flavor.

If you are looking for a lighter roast, you might choose the Light or Medium roast. If you are looking for a stronger flavor, a City or Dark roast might be the better option. For the strongest flavor and espresso-like taste, you can choose an Espresso roast.


Finding the best coffee roast for you can depend on your individual tastes and preferences. There are several types of roasts, ranging from light to dark, each with its own unique flavor and aroma. No matter which roast you choose, it’s important to find the one that tastes best to you.





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