how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

How Much Money Does a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Make?

Scooter’s Coffee has become one of the most popular specialty coffee franchises in the industry. From humble beginnings in a mobile cart in 1998, the business has now grown to include over 270 franchised stores in 21 states. But how much money can one of these stores actually make?

Starting Costs

In order to open a Scooter’s Coffee franchise, you’ll need to invest a minimum of $350,000. This cost includes not just the purchase of real estate, but also the necessary equipment, inventory, marketing materials, and more.

Franchise Fees

On top of the startup costs, you’ll need to pay a $22,500 franchise fee. This fee helps cover some of the administrative costs associated with setting up a franchise store.

Earning Potential

The exact amount of money you’ll make with a Scooter’s Coffee franchise depends largely on the individual store. However, the average store brings in an estimated $660,000 in annual revenue.

The franchise agreement states that the franchisee keeps all the profits after they’ve paid the mandatory royalty fee. This fee is typically 8.5% of total sales.

Additional Earning Potential

There are also additional ways to make money with a Scooter’s Coffee franchise. Franchisees can take advantage of wholesale accounts, food sales, and special events.

Wholesale accounts provide an opportunity to sell a variety of products to businesses and schools. Food sales offer franchisees the chance to make even more money with baked goods and other food items. Special events make it possible to get a boost in profits with catering and pop-up events.

In Conclusion

Overall, owning a Scooter’s Coffee franchise is a great business opportunity. With the right store location and business skills, franchisees can make an estimated $660,000 per year, plus additional income through wholesale, food sales, and special events. However, it’s important to make sure the initial investment is covered in order to ensure financial success.





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