where is maud’s coffee made

where is maud’s coffee made

Where is Maud’s Coffee Made?

Maud’s Craft Coffee is an artisanal, small-batch craft coffee company that produces some of the top-rated coffees in the world. With every one of their organic coffees, Maud’s strives to capture the unique flavor characteristics of the region from where each bean was sourced.

Roast Locations

Maud’s Craft Coffee is roasted in two locations in the United States: Phoenix, AZ and Placerville, CA. The Arizona roastery focuses on the lighter coffees, such as the South American single-origin coffees and the signature Black Magic blend. Meanwhile, the Placerville roastery offers a variety of medium and dark roasts, such as their signature Mocha Java blend and their beloved Ethiopia blend.

Coffee Varieties

No matter the roast location, Maud’s Craft Coffee offers a range of coffee varieties, each carefully blended to bring out the strongest flavors of their coffee beans. Some of their choices include:

  • Single-Origin Coffees : carefully roast some of the most flavorful coffee beans from individual regions, such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru.
  • Blends : a variety of roasting styles combined to produces unique and flavorful blends, such as their Mocha Java and French Roast.
  • Specialty Coffees : Decaffeinated, Extra Bold and Espresso blends.

As Maud’s Craft Coffee continues to curate their selection of coffees and creating new blends, it is clear that each bag of Maud’s coffee goes through a meticulous process, from sourcing the best beans to roasting and blending them, that results in some of the best craft coffees in the world.





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