what is direct trade coffee

what is direct trade coffee

What is Direct Trade Coffee?

Direct trade coffee is a special type of trading model between coffee farmers and coffee buyers that gives the farmers more control over their product and how it’s bought and sold. It is beneficial to farmers in that they can negotiate higher prices, gain more transparency in terms of how the coffee will be used, and receive information on how their product is used after it is purchased. Additionally, direct trade coffee also helps roasters and retailers connect directly with the farmers growing their product, so they can ensure quality, sustainability, and fair prices.

Benefits of Direct Trade Coffee

Direct trade coffee comes with many benefits for both the farmers and buyers, including:

  • Higher Prices: Direct trade brings farmers and buyers together and allows farmers to negotiate higher prices for their coffee.
  • Transparency: Through direct trade, farmers are able to establish transparency between themselves and the buyers. This allows farmers to get a better understanding of what buyers expect from them and how their product will be used after purchase.
  • Fair Prices: As direct trade does not involve brokers, farmers can ensure that their product is being sold at a fair price.
  • Connection to Buyers: Direct trade creates a connection between the farmers and buyers, so farmers can be certain that the product they are offering is of the highest quality and ethically sourced.


Ultimately, direct trade coffee allows farmers to receive significantly more money and gives buyers the assurance that their product is of the highest quality and sustainably sourced. It creates a direct connection between the farmers and buyers that often results in mutually beneficial partnerships. This type of trading model is becoming increasingly popular and is an excellent option for those who want to support sustainable and ethical coffee production.





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