where to buy kion coffee

where to buy kion coffee

Where to Buy Kion Coffee

Kion Coffee is a natural blend of organic ingredients sourced from all around the world to create one of the most delicious and unique coffees out there. If you’re looking for a coffee that tastes great and does good for you, Kion Coffee is for you! Here are the best places to buy Kion Coffee online and in store.


  • Kion Coffee Official Website – Shop on the official Kion Coffee website and get the freshest roasted beans sent right to your door. Kion offers a variety of roasts and flavors and their beans are always organic and ethically sourced.
  • Amazon – Kion Coffee is a popular seller on Amazon, offering a variety of different bags of coffee beans and ground coffee. Whether you’re looking for a regular roast or a flavored variety, you can find it here.
  • Coffee Bean Corral – This popular coffee shop curates a variety of quality coffee beans from around the world. You can find Kion’s organic and Fair Trade coffee here, as well as their flavored and single-origin coffees.
  • Peet’s Coffee – Peet’s Coffee is one of the pioneers of high-quality coffee, and their online shop offers an array of Kion’s coffees. You can find everything from Kion’s signature natural blend to their flavored coffees.

In Store

  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods offers a wide selection of organic, specialty and Fair Trade coffees, including Kion Coffee. Look for their signature natural blend, dark roast and flavored varieties in the coffee aisle.
  • Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s is reputably known for its quality product selections. They carry Kion Coffee’s signature blend, as well as a variety of flavored and single-origin coffees.
  • Natural Grocers – Natural Grocers is a health-food store chain across the United States. Here, you can buy both Kion’s regular and flavored coffees, as well as single-origin blends.
  • Local Coffee Shops – Kion Coffee may also be found in local coffee shops in some areas. Look for listings or inquire in your local independent coffee shop or cafe.


Kion Coffee is an organic and Fair Trade roast that packs a delicious flavor and rich aroma. Whether you order online or find a local spot that has it in-store, Kion Coffee is worth a try!





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