how is jot coffee made

how is jot coffee made

How Jot Coffee is Made

Jot Coffee is made from only the highest-quality, carefully-sourced Arabica beans that provide a rich flavor and aroma. Jot Coffee is crafted to perfection through a combination of artisan craft and modern technology. Here’s how Jot Coffee is made:


Jot Coffee has sourced the world for the finest beans. We work tirelessly with farmers to ensure that our coffees meet the highest standards. This includes sourcing beans that are free of contaminants and chemical residues, are harvested and processed in a way that respects the environment, and are of sufficient quality that delivers delicious results in your cup.


Jot Coffee is roasted to perfection. Our artisan roasters have decades of experience in roasting the best coffees in the world. They carefully monitor the roasting process to ensure the beans develop their fullest flavor potential.The roaster is also equipped with modern technology to monitor and record the process, guaranteeing quality and consistency throughout.

Grinding & Brewing

After roasting, the beans are then quickly cooled and ground. Jot Coffee grinds the beans with precision to ensure an optimal extraction from the grounds. This is how you get the flavor and aroma of Jot Coffee in every cup.

Then, it’s time to brew. Jot Coffee is brewed in traditional French press or pour-over style. Our brewers use precise water temperatures and exacting brewing times to bring out the best flavors in each cup. This technique extracts more of the natural flavors of the beans, and it’s the reason why Jot Coffee has such a rich, complex flavor you won’t find anywhere else.


And finally, it’s time to enjoy your cup of Jot Coffee. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your coffee:

  • Experiment with different brewing methods – French press, pour-over, cold-brew, espresso, you name it. Jot Coffee works with all!
  • Save up your pods or grounds – Jot Coffee pods are made from compostable materials, so you can save them up to help reduce waste.
  • Take a coffee break – Coffee can be great for your mental health, so take some time throughout the day to relax with a cup of Jot Coffee.

At Jot Coffee, we strive to provide the best-tasting coffee and the easiest experience possible. That’s why we take every step in the process seriously, from sourcing to brewing to enjoying. We hope you enjoy your cup of Jot Coffee!





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