where is maud’s coffee made

where is maud’s coffee made

Where is Maud’s Coffee Made?

Maud’s Coffee has become a forerunner of modern premium specialty coffee by blending its specialty grade natural Arabica coffee beans with exceptional freshness and sustainability. But where exactly is it sourced from?

Ethical Suppliers Around the World

Maud’s Coffee sources its beans from conscientious family-owned farms around the world in order to offer only the highest quality products with a consistently great cup of coffee for customers. These carefully selected suppliers are committed to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and paying fair and equitable wages to workers.

The resulting diverse and unique selection of beans come from suc countries as:

  • Nicaragua
  • Kenya
  • Colombia
  • Sumatra
  • Peru

Maud’s Coffee is careful to ensure that its suppliers adhere to quality assurance and certified strict standards, such as the Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Bird Friendly Organic Certified.

Roasting and Crafting the Perfect Cup

The coffee is then roasted and blended in nearby Hayward, California to produce a harmonious flavor and experience in each cup. It is then packaged to preserve freshness in either single serving K-cups, individually sealed bags, or canisters.

The experts at Maud’s Coffee select and purchase only the highest quality coffee beans, roast them in small batches daily, and deliver the noteworthy cup of coffee we all know and love.

By purchasing premium specialty grade coffee from acknowledged suppliers, roasting in Hayward and delivering to Maud’s customers, Maud’s Coffee has become a leader of the industry for its unique offerings and unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.





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