who owns oakland coffee

who owns oakland coffee

Oakland Coffee: Local & Sustainable

Oakland Coffee is a premium coffee house located in downtown Oakland, California. Established in 2018 by a group of coffee-loving locals, the coffee shop seeks to provide its customers with sustainably-sourced and responsibly-roasted coffee. Oakland Coffee is dedicated to providing sustainable coffee farmed and harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Who Owns Oakland Coffee?

Oakland Coffee is spearheaded by three co-owners, each of whom bring something unique to the business. They are:

  • Gillian Young: Owner and founder of Oakland Coffee, Gillian is an entrepreneur and coffee aficionado. After starting a successful coffee business in Los Angeles, she brought her knowledge to the Bay Area and established Oakland Coffee.
  • Mateo Perez: Mateo gets the coffee beans from local farmers who follow sustainable agriculture practices. Mateo has an extensive knowledge of the local coffee farming community and is always looking to support small-scale, local business.
  • Matthew Yee: Matthew is the master roaster and head barista at Oakland Coffee. He sources only the best quality beans and roasts them to perfection. With over 15 years of experience, he crafts flavorful and complex cups of coffee.

Oakland Coffee’s Commitment to Sustainability

Oakland Coffee is not only committed to providing the best quality coffee, but also in supporting the local farmers who produce it. Their coffee is fair-trade and sustainably-sourced and is ethically-harvested. Additionally, Oakland Coffee donates a portion of their proceeds to local charities and is a major supporter of the community.

Oakland Coffee is dedicated to providing its customers with great quality, sustainably-sourced and locally-roasted coffee with every cup they serve. With responsible farming, roasting, and brewing practices, they strive to be an example of a sustainable and responsible business.





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