how much is starbucks whole bean coffee

how much is starbucks whole bean coffee

All About Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

If you’re a coffee fan, then Starbucks is probably one of the first names that comes to mind. Well-known for their high-quality coffee, the Starbucks range also includes whole bean coffee selections.

How Much is Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee?

The cost of Starbucks whole bean coffee can vary depending on the type that you purchase. It ranges in price from $17.95 to $34.95 for 12 oz. of coffee, depending on your particular selection. You can also buy their products in other sizes, including 1-pound and 5-pound bags.

Types of Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks offers several types of whole bean coffee. Some of the most popular include:

  • Pike Place Roast: A well-known selection from Starbucks, this light-roast coffee has flavor notes of cocoa and toasted nuts.
  • Sumatra: This dark-roast coffee offers a full-bodied taste with herbal and earthy notes.
  • Organic French Roast: This full-bodied French roast delivers a dark, bold flavor.
  • Organic Colombia Nariño: This medium-roast has flavor notes of cocoa and nuts, making it enjoyable to drink.

No matter your coffee preference, there is certainly a whole bean coffee selection from Starbucks to fit your tastes. So why not try one of the delicious coffee offerings today?





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