where to buy ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee

where to buy ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee

Where to Buy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is among the most highly acclaimed specialty coffees in the world. Grown and processed in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, it has a bright, sweet flavor profile and pleasing floral aroma.


The easiest and most convenient way to purchase Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is online. Here are some great options:

  • Java Planet – Sells lightly roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that is freshly ground with every order.
  • Volcanica Coffee – Offers a variety of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee including organic and fair trade selections.
  • Copper Moon Coffee – Sells Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee in convenient pods and pods.

In Store

You can also purchase Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee at brick and mortar stores. Here are some great places to look:

  • Whole Foods Market – Usually has excellent selection of coffees and teas, including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.
  • Local Coffee Shops – Many local coffee shops often feature Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, so ask around and see if your local spot carries it.
  • Grocery Stores – Many grocery stores regularly stock specialty coffees, so check the coffee aisle of your local grocery store.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is a truly special coffee that can be enjoyed in many ways. With its bright flavor profile, it makes an excellent choice for espresso or pour over. However you choose to enjoy it, you won’t regret giving this coffee a try.





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