where is fabula coffee located

where is fabula coffee located

Where is Fabula Coffee Located?

At Fabula Coffee, we strive to make sure we stay connected to our community with locations around the world. We want to ensure that everyone has access to a great cup of coffee no matter where they are.

European Locations

Fabula Coffee has a strong presence in Europe, with locations in several countries.

  • Germany: Munich and Berlin
  • France: Paris
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Poland: Warsaw

US Locations

Fabula Coffee has multiple locations across the United States as well.

  • New York: Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • California: Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Hawaii: Honolulu

  • Texas: Austin and Houston

Other Locations

Not only do we have locations in Europe and the US, we also have several locations dotted around the world in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan.

No matter where you live, there’s a Fabula Coffee near you!





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