where is lifeboost coffee grown

where is lifeboost coffee grown

Where is Lifeboost Coffee Grown?

Lifeboost Coffee is ethically sourced, organic, specialty-grade coffee, grown with love and care in the high altitudes of Nicaragua.

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is known for its incredibly lush and vibrant environment, making it ideal for growing coffee beans. The climate, soil, rainfall, and sunshine all work together to produce robust and flavorful coffee beans of the highest quality.

The Process

All Lifeboost Coffee is shade grown and carefully hand-picked by the local farmers. The beans are then sun-dried and certified organic and Fair Trade. Coffee producers are paid fair wages and treated ethically throughout the entire process.

The Result

What you end up with is a smooth-tasting, ethically sourced cup of coffee that you can feel good about drinking. Lifeboost Coffee has a mild flavor and a pleasant aroma that will make any coffee-lover happy.

Tasting Notes

Lifeboost Coffee has the following flavors and aromas:

  • Caramel with notes of fruit and chocolate
  • Honey with floral aromas
  • Cocoa with hints of spices

So if you’re looking for freshly ground, ethically sourced, high-quality organic coffee, try Lifeboost Coffee from Nicaragua!





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