where is fabula coffee located

where is fabula coffee located

Where is Fabula Coffee Located?

If you are looking for an excellent coffee experience, then Fabula Coffee is just what you need! Fabula Coffee is a small café located in Geneva, Switzerland, that specializes in traditional coffee and food. They offer a variety of coffee beans of unmatched quality, and their coffee is freshly roasted to perfection. In addition to coffee, they also offer a selection of breakfast and lunch items, as well as pastries and cakes.

Why Visit Fabula Coffee?

Fabula Coffee is a great place to have a break and enjoy some great coffee. Here you can find:

  • The finest coffee: Fabula Coffee has a unique selection of premium coffees, and they take pride in guaranteeing the highest quality possible.
  • Delicious food: The food menu at Fabula Coffee is extensive and offers everything from breakfast items to lunch and snacks.
  • Great atmosphere: The atmosphere at Fabula Coffee is cozy and inviting. You can grab a seat and relax or get work done, or simply enjoy the ambiance and the amazing scent of freshly brewed coffee.

Where is Fabula Coffee Located?

Fabula Coffee is located on 1 Place des Augustins, in Geneva, Switzerland. It is open from 8am to 5pm, and they offer outdoor seating as well.

If you ever find yourself in Geneva, make sure to stop by Fabula Coffee and enjoy their delicious coffees and food, as well as their amazing atmosphere!





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