where can you get free coffee

where can you get free coffee

Where to Get Free Coffee?

Coffee – the lifeblood of many but with prices seemingly increasing each day, it can be hard to get your daily dose for free. But lucky for you, there are a few places where you can get free coffee and still keep your wallet full!

1. Get Free Coffee at Work

Many working environments provide free coffee for their employees. Ask around at your office or workplace and make sure you take advantage of this bonus coffee.

2. Sign Up for Points Programs

Check out loyalty programs like Starbucks Rewards or Dunkin Donuts Perks. The more you pledge your loyalty, the more likely you are to be rewarded with free beverages.

3. Download Apps

Mobile apps like Luckin Coffee, Starbucks, Aroma, and Krispy Kreme all have free coffee rewards programs. Download those apps and get your free cup of joe in no time!

4. Attend Free Events

Keep your eyes open for events that offer free coffee, like networking events. Many businesses host events to give back, and often offer a free drink to attendees.

5. Participate in Free Trials

Companies will often offer free trials of their products or services and that includes coffee! Sign up for a free trial and enjoy a cup of free coffee on the house.

6. Ask Around

Find out if any of your friends have any coupons or special deals that they can share with you. You might just be surprised at the deals they find!

7. Buy Coffee and Get Free Coffee

Some coffee shops, like Peet’s and Caribou Coffee, offer discounts on certain days or for certain sizes. Invest in a large cup on a discount day and earn a free cup!


Free coffee is out there, you just have to know where to look. Take advantage of these tips and get your free cup of joe!





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