how to get free coffee at panera

how to get free coffee at panera

How to Get Free Coffee at Panera

Want to get some free coffee from Panera Bread? Here’s how to do it:

Join MyPanera Rewards

The first step is to join MyPanera Rewards. With this loyalty program, you can get free items from Panera as you reach certain points thresholds.

Earn Points with Every Purchase

Make sure to use your MyPanera card every time you make a purchase at Panera. You’ll get points for each item you buy that you can save up to get rewards.

Look Out for Free Coffee Offers

Panera regularly offers free rewards for members. Keep an eye out for offers that give you points for a free cup of coffee.

Reach the Rewards Threshold

Free coffee rewards usually vary from 6-12 points, so you’ll have to save up slightly different amounts depending on the offer. You’ll get an email when your points reach the threshold — just visit your nearest Panera and redeem your free coffee.

Enjoy Your Free Coffee

Once you’ve redeemed your reward, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy your free coffee. Getting rewarded for frequenting your favorite coffee shop has never been easier!

Bonus Tips:

  • Download the Panera app for easy point tracking.
  • Check your inbox or app for exclusive rewards.
  • Join the loyalty program in store or online.





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