how big should a rug be under a coffee table

how big should a rug be under a coffee table

How Big Should a Rug be Under a Coffee Table

Adding a rug under a coffee table in the living room adds texture and warmth to the space. But its size is often an overlooked detail. Knowing the correct size for a rug under your coffee table will ensure a balanced and pulled-together look.

Rug Size Guidelines

Typically, the rug should be about the same size or slightly larger than the coffee table. Here are some tips for getting the size of your rug right:

  • Go Bigger: Use a larger rug if you need to make the room feel bigger. Painting your walls a light color, using an area rug larger than the coffee table, and making sure there is some overlap of the rug onto other flooring helps to create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Maintenance: Allowing a few feet of space all around the rug makes it easier to vacuum once a week. The more space you leave, the easier it will be to maintain.
  • Furniture Placement: With the rug under your coffee table, allow a few feet of space between other furniture pieces and the rug’s edges. This will make the room appear larger, and visually separates the pieces from each other.

You can also use a smaller rug if it coordinates with the existing color scheme and if you need to create a cozy area. But be careful not to go too small, the rug should be at least 3 feet larger on all sides of the coffee table.

Creating a Balance

If you’re using a rectangular coffee table, consider using an oval shaped rug. This juxtaposition creates a balanced look and softens up the otherwise harsh shape of the table.

Many coffee tables have legs that stick out, making a round rug a great choice since it will fit around the legs and even overlap them for a finished look.

Choosing a Rug for Style

When selecting your rug, think about the furniture you have in the room when considering the pattern and color. If you’re going for a traditional look, try a Persian or floral patterned rug. If you prefer a more modern style try something abstract or a solid hue.

For a rustic vibe, a shag rug or a wool rug are a great pick. Ultimately, the rug should balance the other elements of the room so it looks beautiful, warm and inviting.

Now you know how to choose the right size and style rug to fit under your coffee table!





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