who owns oakland coffee

who owns oakland coffee

Who Owns Oakland Coffee?

Oakland Coffee is a small-batch roasting company founded and owned by Jade and Louie Alva in 2012. The Alva’s share a passion for coffee and making quality products. They are determined to provide the best flavor and craftsmanship with each batch of coffee.

About Oakland Coffee

Oakland Coffee is a specialty roaster located in the East Bay of California. The company focuses on producing quality specialty coffee for their customers. Beans are sourced from sustainable farms around the world and roasted to perfection. They offer drip, decaffeinated, and single-origin varieties to ensure that each cup of Oakland Coffee brings forth the depth of its flavor profile.

The Alva’s Vision

Jade and Louie Alva created Oakland Coffee with a mission of producing the finest craft coffee. They are committed to sustainability and supporting the local economy. The Alva’s take pride in:

  • Supporting sustainability: Oakland Coffee has a direct relationship with local sustainable farmers to provide the best coffees.
  • Providing quality craftsmanship: Oakland Coffee pays attention to the details in their coffee roasting process to create the best coffee possible.
  • Supporting their community: They source coffee from California roasters and donate part of their profits to local organizations.

The Alva’s Story

Jade Alva is a self-taught coffee connoisseur who grew up in a small town in the Philippines. She moved to the United States in 2007. Her husband and business partner Louie has over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry. They combined their respective talents to create Oakland Coffee and make it a success.


Oakland Coffee is a specialty roaster created by Jade and Louie Alva. Their mission is to provide quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and help their community. Jade Alva’s vision and Louie’s experience have come together to make Oakland Coffee a success.





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