how to match tv stand and coffee table

how to match tv stand and coffee table

Matching a TV Stand and Coffee Table

At the end of a long day of work, many people want to kick back, relax, and watch their favourite television show. However, not every home has the setup they need to be able to do this – having a well-matched TV stand and coffee table creates a complete, comfortable environment in your home. Here’s how to perfectly match a TV stand and coffee table.

1. Think About Space

The size of your room, and how much set-up you plan to have for your television and coffee table, are key factors in picking out the perfect match. Start by measuring the sizes of the area you plan to have those items in, and then take a look at the measurements of potential TV stands and coffee tables.

2. Balance Color

Your TV stand and coffee table should contrast, but also in a complementary way. If you have a bold, patterned rug, look for a furniture option that will contrast that, but pick colors from the rug’s pattern to do so. You can also go for a similar color scheme, but look for variations of that shade – a lighter or darker, or warm or cool tone.

3. Consider the Tones

Just like colors, the finish of your furniture pieces will make all the difference. When figuring out the right combination of TV stand and coffee table, consider wood and metal furniture together, or pieces with different textures. The contrast will give the room a dimension it may not have had before.

4. Comfort Over Everything

Your TV stand and coffee table should be furniture pieces that you love, but also have a purpose. If you plan to have remotes and drinks on the coffee table, consider which textures and finishes will be best for the items you plan to have. A textured, durable finish for the furniture may be best if that’s the case.

5. Focus on Quality

No matter what you choose, the furniture pieces should be of good-quality. The more work that goes into the craftsmanship of the furniture, the longer it will last and the better it will look. Investing in quality furniture is well worth your while, as they’ll last a much longer time.

Matching a TV stand and coffee table doesn’t have to be tricky. By thinking about the size of the area, balancing color, considering the tones, focusing on comfort, and focusing on quality, you can have the perfect TV stand and coffee table combination for your home.





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