where is lifeboost coffee grown

where is lifeboost coffee grown

Where is Lifeboost Coffee Grown?

Lifeboost Coffee is a single-origin coffee loved by many throughout the world. But before it reaches the hands of its consumers, it must first come from somewhere. Lifeboost Coffee is grown and harvested by a team of dedicated farmers in the beautiful, lush country of Nicaragua.

Expert Locals

Lifeboost’s farmers have years of experience, with generations of farming knowledge imparted over time. This expertise allows for the production of the highest quality and cleanest coffee beans in the world.

Low-Altitude Arabica Coffees

Every crop of Lifeboost Coffee is sourced from organic, low-altitude Arabica coffees. These hand-picked beans are grown at 4,000 to 5,000 feet, where the coffee ripens slowly at a lower elevation and in warmer weather which produces a fragrant, flavor-packed coffee coffee bean.

Organic Production and Support

Lifeboost Coffee is so much more than just perfect-tasting coffee. It is also ethically conscious and sustainably produced. The team of farmers is highly supported throughout the entire process, from farm to cup.

The Benefits of Buying Lifeboost Coffee

There are so many reasons to love Lifeboost Coffee:

  • It’s Delicious – Perfectly roasted, smooth, arabica beans will have your taste buds buzzing.
  • It’s Organic – Lifeboost Coffee is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals.
  • It’s Healthy – Lifeboost Coffee is a healthy alternative for your morning cup of joe and is even certified toxin-free.
  • It Supports Local Farmers – Lifeboost Coffee is sourced directly from a team of Nicaraguan farmers and helps to support their livelihood.

So there you have it, Lifeboost Coffee comes to us all the way from the beautiful country of Nicaragua and is created with expertise and love by generations of farmers. Not only that, but it’s also organic, tasty, and healthy, making it the perfect morning brew.





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