how is nespresso different from coffee

how is nespresso different from coffee

How is Nespresso Different from Coffee?

Coffee has been a staple of the morning routine for centuries. In the last several decades, the popularity of espresso has surged thanks to the invention of the Nespresso machine. Despite the seeming similarity between the two drinks, there are several key areas where Nespresso stands apart from regular coffee.

Grinding and Preparation

Regular coffee is made by grinding roasted beans that are then brewed in hot water. Nespresso doesn’t involve grinding at all. Instead, the drink is made by forcing pressurized hot water through sealed capsules or pods containing ground and pre-portioned espresso.

Drink Strength and Crema

Nespresso drinks are definitely stronger than a traditional cup of coffee. They contain more caffeine and the texture of the drink itself is thicker thanks to the presence of the crema – a layer of foam filled with fine air bubbles that is produced by the pressure of the espresso machine.


Most coffeehouses offer up to a dozen varieties of coffee, from bourbons and robustas to cappuccinos, espresso, and even decaf. Nespresso machines come with a selection of pods each containing a different type of espresso shot.

Easy Clean Up

When it comes to convenience, the Nespresso machine takes the cake. When you’re done making your espresso shot, you can simply dispose of the used capsule into the Nespresso recycle bin and you’re done! No more fiddling around with filters and wasteful coffee grinds.

All in all, while both Nespresso and coffee offer their own unique strengths, Nespresso is certainly winning over coffee drinkers with its convenience, selection, and unparalleled drink strength.





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