how much caffeine in seattle’s best coffee

how much caffeine in seattle’s best coffee

How Much Caffeine Is in Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Seattle’s Best Coffee is a popular brand of coffee produced almost exclusively in Seattle, Washington. The question on many people’s minds is how much caffeine is in this type of coffee?

Types of Coffee

Seattle’s Best has a range of coffees available for sale, with differing caffeine content. The most popular coffees have the following caffeine levels:

  • House Blend: 95mg/8 oz.
  • Breakfast Blend: 94mg/8 oz.
  • Dark Roast: 106mg/8 oz.
  • Medium Roast: 109mg/8 oz.
  • Decaf: 3mg/8 oz.

Serving Size & Caffeine Content

Coffee’s caffeine content is generally expressed in milligrams per serving. For Seattle’s Best, a single serving is considered to be 8 ounces. Therefore, a full 12 oz. cup will contain up to 145mgs of caffeine.

Additional Factors

The caffeine content of coffee can vary slightly depending on the brewing process (espresso will often have more caffeine than drip coffee). Also, some flavored coffee additives, such as chocolate or cinnamon, may slightly reduce the overall caffeine content.

Caffeine Health Benefits

Caffeine has been hailed for its potential health benefits, which include improved focus, better memory, and a boost in physical performance. Seattle’s Best coffee can provide a convenient way to benefit from these advantages without going overboard on caffeine.

In conclusion, Seattle’s Best Coffee can give you a healthy and tasty caffeine fix. Depending on the type and size you choose, it can contain anywhere from 3 to 145 mg of caffeine per cup. If you’re looking for a boost of energy without overdoing it, Seattle’s Best may be the perfect choice.





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