will ferrell coffee scene

will ferrell coffee scene

Will Ferrell Coffee Scene: Laughter On the Rocks

Will Ferrell is a legendary actor and comedian known for his funny roles in classic films. One of the most memorable moments in his career came in the film “The Other Guys” when he acted out a coffee scene.

The Setup

Ferrell plays the role of New York City cop Detective Christopher Danson. He and his partner, Detective P.K. Highsmith (played by Samuel L. Jackson), get called to a bank robbery. After they arrest the first suspect, another robber attacks them with coffee.

The Scene

The scene begins with Sam Jackson drenched in coffee. He angrily confronts Ferrell and says, “What the hell are you doing?”Ferrell, intent on making an example, responds, “This is what happens when you mess with Danson and Highsmith.” He then tosses the coffee cup to the ground and flips Jackson backwards over the car. Jackson then jumps back up and waves his arm in surrender.

The Legacy

This classic moment from Will Ferrell has become known as one of the funniest coffee scenes ever. Whether it was the perfect timing of the backflip, Ferrell’s delivery of the line, or the comic relief it provided, this moment has become one of the most memorable in Ferrell’s illustrious career.

The Lesson

The coffee scene from “The Other Guys” taught us that when it comes to comedy, timing is everything. If a joke isn’t timed perfectly, it will miss its mark and won’t get a laugh. This lesson has been well learned by Ferrell, as it has been a key component of his success.


The coffee scene from “The Other Guys” is a classic moment in comedy. It shows us the importance of timing, delivery, and comic relief. It’s a timeless reminder of why Will Ferrell is such a beloved actor and comedian.





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